Looking for a customised online learning solution designed specifically around your organisation's needs?


You have come to the right place!

Our team of instructional designers are experts at collaborating with our clients to conceptualise their ideas. We build online learning solutions for any industry that include; exercises, case studies, graphics and gamification. 



What can Living Dynamics' Instructional Design Team do for Your Company?

  • We create a platform to highlight important corporate information clearly and effectively.
  • We assist with the design of new customised corporate e-learning programmes.
  • We create workplace instructional process and procedure videos.
  • We design employee policy manuals and e-guides.
  • We convert your existing classroom based material into e-learning programmes.



What Methods do We Use?

  • We work closely with our clients during the assessment and design process to gain insight into the desired learning outcomes and target audience.
  • We use a blended learning approach with: audio and video clips, graphics and animation, interactive simulations, case studies, quizzes and implementation exercises.
  • Our methodology accommodates all learning styles by utilising listening skills and accessing individual knowledge, which drives complete participation in the online learning experience. 






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